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We've been on the web since 1996, back when everyone called it the "Information Superhighway", you had to connect using a shrieling phone line, and page speed was measured in seconds — many, many seconds. Things have gotten a bit better since then, but we've kept up. We've long been the world's leading resource for web professionals. Five million smart people, mostly devs, designers or entrepreneurs, visit our sites every month, and when they're not coming to our sites, they're talking to us on social media or reading our email newsletters. Our authority and longevity means Google likes us, and our useful advice and modern approach means our readers, users — and advertisers — do too.

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We're committed to building a global community and a thought leadership message for our audience.

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Being at the corner of technology and entertainment keeps SitePoint relevant and cutting edge.

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Melbourne's growing tech community is where our seasoned developers and designers create the SitePoint magic.

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